There is an increasingly heated debate among dog owners and activists. The questions is:

Should you get a puppy from a breeder, or rescue a dog from a shelter?

It used to be real simple. You could just choose whatever you felt was best. People that like specific dog breeds go to t a dog breeder, and have no problem paying for that. And if you don’t care about the breed of your dog, you go to the animal shelter and choose a nice dog/puppy.

Animal activists have been lobbying and protesting a lot in recent years, and lawmakers have started to implement restrictions to dog breeders. So much so, that if things continue this way, you will be forced to get a dog from a shelter. Because that is what most activists want; for you to do what they want.

Remember, I am not saying that it’s bad to get a dog from a shelter. I just object to my freedom of choice being restricted by people who believe they have the right to determine my life.